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Economic Development

Partners in Strengthening
Your Tribe’s Economy

The elements of a thriving economy are varied and interconnected. Beginning with leadership alignment on economic priorities is where Blue Stone offers strength and support. Our customized approach to each Tribe’s unique opportunities will ensure that projects go from planning to implementation to sustained growth. 

Take a Proactive Role in Your Economy.

Blue Stone is comprised of former Tribal leaders and current Tribal members that understand the challenges of leading Tribal communities. If your Tribe lacks alignment or a plan, a team can become complacent, systems become reactive and there’s confusion over roles and responsibilities. Blue Stone’s Economic Development Team starts by helping you gain leadership alignment and a clear vision for the economic future of your Tribe. Clearing the way for strategies and an action plan that you can work towards with confidence. 

Plan for Growth and Implement Successfully.

We work with your team to develop a roadmap for economic growth that meets your Tribe’s specific needs and vision. Leadership is able to make informed decisions based on strong data of overall costs, unique advantages, and economic impact. The Economic Development Team helps your Leadership with strategies for diversification and development of income-producing businesses, assesses your current plans for existing Tribal-owned enterprises, and supports your teams throughout the entire implementation process.

Move Towards Self-Sufficiency
and Empower Future Generations.

There are significantly more needs in Indian Country than there is available Federal funding. Creating a clear economic development vision centered around sovereignty, diversification, and self-sufficiency is key. Grow your Tribe’s economy and you will move towards a self-sufficient future that empowers your Leadership to meet community needs both now and for generations to come. 

Let Our Teams Help You Plan & Build

Our Implementation Services

  • Economic Diversification Planning 
  • Economic Development Entities Set Up/Reviews 
  • Feasibility Studies 
  • Business Plans 
  • Existing Business Assessments
  • Communications plan with implementation support 
  • Owner's rep support 
  • Grant research and implementation support 
  • Strategic plan implementation support 
  • Economic Development entities set up/reviews
  • Tax Reviews and updates, code developments
  • Community needs assessments
  • Current business reviews 
  • Owner's Rep Support 
  • Grant Research and Implementation Support
  • Tax Reviews and Code Developments

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Economic Development

Partners in Strengthening
Your Tribe’s Economy 

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