Build a Better Community

Healthcare Team

Prioritize the Well-Being
of Your Tribal Members 

The Blue Stone Healthcare team is here to help you develop healthier environments for Tribal members and the community as a whole. Understand your needs, plan and carry out projects, and feel confident in the progress you make towards creating a robust Health infrastructure.

Get A Full Picture of Your Individual
and Community Health Needs.

Creating a long-term plan for a healthier Tribe starts by understanding the needs of the individual and the community. We do this by gathering information through surveys, assessments, and focus group studies that give us a full picture and help us understand what actually needs to be prioritized. 

Develop a Plan That Fits Your Budget…
and Your People.

The Blue Stone Healthcare Team has a depth of experience and knowledge in Tribal health, dental, and public health services and programs. We’ve seen what works for Indian Country and want to share our technical expertise through thoughtful culturally appropriate offerings. In order to do that, we come alongside leadership to develop a plan within your means and a roadmap to carry it out.

Carry Out Projects to Improve The Health of Your Tribe.

We have the tools to support your leadership organize and structure the health departments, services, programs, and policies of your health planning. In addition, our team helps you track and measure the success of your health projects over time. 

Serving Your Health Leadership…

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Prioritize the Well-Being
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