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Build a Workforce that Yields Success

At a time when concerns about hiring, retention, and pay equity are high, creating a workplace culture that emphasizes growth opportunities, flexibility, and transparency will help build employee loyalty and trust. The Blue Stone Human Resources team can help you ensure long-lasting success for your organizations by building a healthy and robust workforce infrastructure.

Care for Your Greatest Asset… People.

Employees are an organization’s biggest asset, but also the costliest expense in any organization. Finding a way to balance business needs while maintaining employee satisfaction requires a thorough assessment of any risks, inefficiencies, and gaps in your operations. Blue Stone’s Human Resources team, with a combined 41 years of experience, is able to perform these assessments and present tribal leaders a myriad of solutions that best suit their needs in recruiting, policies and procedures, compensation and benefits, and more.

Reduce Turnover, Build Loyalty, Create Efficiency.

The goal is to create efficiency for your organization but to also positively impact the workplace culture. Rather than hiring additional staff, which can be costly, we look at what you already do and ensure that you are getting the most out of your human capital resources. A compensation and benefits analysis is also important to determine whether you are competitive both geographically and within the Tribal industry. Our team can help Tribal organizations create strategies to reduce turnover, build loyalty and recruit new talent. 

Ensure Long-Lasting Success
for Your Tribal Organizations.

Equip Human Resources to support other departments in your organization properly. Blue Stone has the tools and the depth of experience in Indian Country to fill any gaps that your HR may be lacking. Tribal organizations endure with a strong workforce and a healthy workplace culture.

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