Dear Tribal Leader:

As election season concludes, now is the time to evaluate how best to keep your tribe moving forward. Whether it’s economic development or governance, Tribal leaders have to ask the tough questions and organize their goals and priorities unique to the needs and desires of their communities.

Does it seem like your businesses are stuck in second gear? Is your Tribe’s business portfolio accomplishing its highest and best performance objectives for your community? Is your government operating as effectively as it could be? Are you fully utilizing all of the resources available in reaching your goals?

If you don’t have the answers to these questions, it’s time to create a strategic roadmap for your tribe that will help you get to the next level and beyond.

“As a former tribal leader, I know that even with the best of intentions, things may not go the way that the tribal council or business board anticipated. But that doesn’t mean that the Tribe’s businesses and leadership team can’t turn things around,” says Blue Stone founder and CEO Jamie Fullmer. “Sometimes, you just need to take a deep breath and take a step back, reevaluate where you are and take strategic action steps to get back on track or even start again with a clear vision.”

Whether you need help with streamlining operations, employee training, organizational structure, financial planning, feasibility studies, or strategic action planning, Blue Stone Strategy Group’s Strategic Planning Sessions can help you achieve clarity and support tribal leadership in aligning your priorities with realistic goals and measurable outcomes that can get you back on the path toward success.

Led by experienced team leaders, Blue Stone’s Two-Day Strategic Planning Sessions allow tribal leadership to come together with support from our team providing the expertise, tools and support necessary to navigate all steps of this process. Our planning sessions include identifying goals and performance objectives, developing metrics and timelines for keeping on track, and much more!

Through objective, facilitated discussions and exercises, participants work together to develop several top priorities in moving forward with planning for the Tribe. The following are examples of the top immediate priorities that were established during a recent Work Session.

  • Debt-to-Income oversight and planning
  • Economic diversification needs
  • Operational stability and growth
  • Hiring needs and human resource capability building
  • Tribal Jobs and workforce development
  • Task oriented planning for long-term sustainability

“In our experience over the last 13 years, the two-day planning work sessions have been extremely valuable to our Tribal clients,” says Blue Stone president John Mooers. “It is a cost-efficient and highly productive process in which planning and mapping for the future is gaining traction with Tribal Leaders on key priorities across the country. It’s a process which pays dividends on many levels.”

Key to this process is taking an accurate assessment of the situation at hand and identifying the opportunities and resources necessary to ensure success and sustainability. We provide a clear, well-written Strategic Plan with well-defined roles and responsibilities; comprehensive economic development priority planning; the development of performance expectations; and consensus building on the Tribe’s Sovereign priorities and vision.

“Creating a strategic vision is fundamental to the planning process in order to identify core values, goals, objectives and strategies that align with the vision for the future of the Tribe,” says Fullmer. “It provides direction for the Tribe as well as tribal employees and citizens by allowing them to see a bigger picture and know what the tribe is working towards. Strategic visioning is crucial when goals and objectives may change, whether for reasons of unforeseen economic opportunities or threats.”

If your Tribe is ready to create a long-term, sustainable plan for your community, then our Strategic Work Session is for you! 

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