Have you reached the goals that you set in place when you started on the journey of tribal leadership? Is your tribal government accomplishing its highest and best objectives in serving your community?

There is a need for more public safety officers in the community. You may have a housing shortage. The new clinic intended to meet growing demand is already filled to capacity. What do you tackle first?

“Identifying strengths and weaknesses and establishing a well-organized and written plan is critical to ensuring success in building sound governance and efficient delivery of services to tribal citizens,” says Blue Stone Strategy Group founder and CEO Jamie Fullmer. “When Tribes lack focus, their organizational structure can become complicated, confusing, and difficult to manage; and as a result it can potentially leave the Tribe vulnerable to attacks on its sovereignty.”

With Blue Stone’s Strategic Planning Work Sessions, you can achieve clarity and align your priorities with realistic goals and measurable outcomes. This, in turn, can move your government toward its ultimate goal of ensuring a quality of life for your community.

Led by experienced team leaders, Blue Stone’s Two-Day Tribal Leader Work Sessions are individually designed to identify and align Tribal Leadership priorities for future growth and to provide the support necessary to navigate all steps of this process. Our Leader planning sessions include identifying goals and performance objectives, developing metrics and timelines for keeping on track, and more!

“Creating a strategic vision is fundamental to developing a plan that provides the framework for implementing programs and practices that align with the Tribe’s core values and goals,” says Fullmer. “It is also important to gather input and communicate your goals to your community members.  A shared vision is a critical element that contributes to success when everyone is invested and on the same page.”

Through objective, facilitated discussions and exercises, participants work together to develop several top priorities in moving forward with planning for the Tribe. We work with a variety of stakeholders, including tribal leaders, the council, and select staff to conduct thorough, thoughtful interviews and develop session material specific to your Tribe and its concerns.

“Often Tribes are caught up on the micro level of how to effect change in their communities and help their people. Blue Stone helps Tribes to step back and look at the needs on a macro level by helping the Tribe to understand how Government, Economic Development, Housing, etc., are all connected and then develop a plan that addresses the issues at a pace and level the Tribe feels comfortable with and has ownership.” 
—Merry Manson (Navajo Nation) Blue Stone Strategist

Key to this initiative is a clear, written path forward with well-defined roles and responsibilities, detailed strategic planning, priority planning and execution, the development of performance expectations, and consensus building on the priorities and vision of the Tribe.

Blue Stone believes that the key to creating a successful tribal economy lies in the ability to balance the many needs and goals of the tribal community while taking an accurate assessment of the opportunities and resources necessary to ensure success and sustainability for future generations.

“In our work, it is the participants who develop their priorities, it is their tribal vision and the future of their community,” says Fullmer. “Through objective questioning, interviews and information gathering, we coordinate the process with the leadership and support them in building the framework needed to achieve that future.”

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