W. Ron Allen

Tribal Advisor

W. Ron Allen, Tribal Chairman of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe, (serving 1977-present), brings with him more than 36 years of experience in protecting the well-being of Native people.

As the Tribal Chairman, Ron Allen is responsible for representing his tribe as the elected leader and for addressing political and policy issues and/or positions at the national, state and local levels. As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (serving 1982-present), he is also responsible for the administration of all the tribe’s programs, including education, career development, social services, housing, health, economic development, natural resource management, and cultural/traditional affairs.

As Tribal Chairman and CEO, some of his accomplishments include leading the tribe from a zero resource base in 1982 to a current annual budget level of approximately $26 million, and from a landless reservation base in 1982 to a land base of over 1,000 acres without federal assistance. Additionally, Chairman Allen has led the tribe to establish business enterprises that include Seven Cedars Casino, Northwest Native Expressions Art Gallery, JKT Development, Jamestown Excavating, and Jamestown Health & Medical Supplies.

Chairman Allen is widely recognized at the national, state and local level for his strong commitment to improving the quality, financing and delivery of healthcare services for American Indians and Alaska Natives. His commitment is shown through the multiple organizations in which he has participated and continues to participate, including the National Congress of American Indians, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Tribal Technical Advisory Group, Washington Indian Gaming Association and many more.

Allen earned an AA in Accounting and an AAS in Technical Engineering at the Peninsula Community College and went on to University of Washington for a Double BA in Political Science and Economics.