Human Resources can be one of the biggest headaches for any organization, but even more so for Tribes–many of whom are located in remote regions with a limited workforce from which to draw. From recruitment and retention issues to education and training, tribal governments and businesses across the country often confront unique challenges in hiring and retaining employees for their governments and businesses.

Blue Stone has the expertise to help.

Our strong team of human resource experts have worked exclusively with tribal human resources departments over the past 11 years. Our human resources services are tailored to suit the needs of our tribal clients based on best practices within Indian Country.

Recently, Blue Stone was asked to conduct an assessment of a Tribe’s Human Resource process, including: Organization structure, reporting processes, communication lines, decision-making, record retention/achieving, staffing capacities and service delivery performance of each department.

We conducted the assessment via the Tribe’s Constitution, organizational structure, job descriptions, as well as each department’s operational objectives and whether they were in alignment with their mission and vision statements. Assessment meetings were conducted with the Tribal Council and each department/program director and manager to gather their thoughts and comments on their respective core duties and responsibilities. Throughout the assessment it was important to focus on the following:

Staff and administrations views on the Tribal operations strengths and weaknesses.

Essential functions necessary for the Tribal government operations.

The level of organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Areas of need of ongoing formal training and/or orientations for administrators and staff.

Level of use and application of internal ordinances, policies, and standard practices within departments.

The Tribal government’s capacity to monitor, assess, and respond to internal and external changes.

A best practices-based systematic approach to regularly collect and review department and program data metrics/KPIs.

Recommendations and next-step concepts were presented to the Executive Committee and Tribal Council regarding the strength and challenges of each department/program. Recommendations included how to move forward with the restructuring of the organization, upgrading/revision of core documents, realignment of departments/programs to become more administrative and operationally efficient in an effort to improve service delivery and to lay the foundation for the growth and expansion of the Tribe.

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