Blue Stone believes that community is an important building block to wellness and stability as well as building a foundation for economic growth. Activities such as providing a safe and secure community as well as providing amenities that allow Tribal members to enhance their opportunities to be active members in the workforce promote neighborhood development, but also provide jobs and create an attractive environment for the establishment of future homes and businesses. 

Contact us to discuss options in funding and planning for your housing activities.  Blue Stone can assist through technical assistance as well as training to move forward with planning and implementation.

Potential Funding Sources:

Rural Innovation Fund: RIF provides for capacity building at the state and local level for rural housing and economic development, and the program supports innovative housing and economic development activities in rural areas. Funds made available under this program are awarded competitively on an annual basis through a selection process conducted by HUD.

Resident Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency (Ross) Program: For the purposes of providing supportive services and resident empowerment activities to public and Indian housing residents, or to assist such residents in becoming economically self-sufficient. 

Title VI Loan Guarantee Program: Also authorized under NAHASDA, the Title VI Loan Guarantee Program assists Indian Housing Block Grant recipients (borrower) who want to finance eligible affordable housing activities, but are unable to secure financing without the assistance of a federal guarantee.

Supportive Housing for The Elderly: Provides assistance to expand the supply of housing with supportive services for the elderly.

Recommended Next Steps: 

  •  Housing economic development planning
  •  Conduct a housing assessment and identify opportunities and priorities
  •  Review organizational structure for improvements or expansion including org charts, additional personnel, job descriptions, programs and services to be offered
  •  Gain community input for housing and community amenity needs
  •  Develop a strategic plan for housing including vision, goals, and actionable items
  •  Conduct feasibility analyses for each of the top priorities
  •  Conduct financial analyses for funding requirements to accomplish goals
  •  Develop an implementation plan

Housing and Tribal Economy Webinar:

(Hosted by our very own Melissa Thompson)

For more High-level information on Strengthening a Tribal Economy Through Housing please click the link below:

Tribal Housing White Paper 05.1.2020