As we begin a new year and a new decade, building a strategic plan is now more important than ever. With threats to Tribal sovereignty emerging across the country, building long-term economic sustainability for your Tribe could be even more difficult if you don’t have a plan.

That’s where Blue Stone Strategy Group can help.

“Many tribal leaders find it challenging to commit to planning for the future of their Tribe—for the next year, much less for the next generation and the generations to come,” says Jamie Fullmer, Chairman and CEO of Blue Stone Strategy Group. “You become so busy meeting the day-to-day needs and dealing with the current demands of your community, that it becomes nearly impossible to think and act strategically.”

Building a tribal economy is about strengthening long-term capacity for the community and recognizing that everything is interrelated within the entire tribal system, says Fullmer. This includes land use planning, organizational governance, technical and management assistance and capital investment, all of which are necessary to promote economic development on reservations. Moreover, infrastructure investment is crucial to improving transportation, housing, utilities, water and communication systems within Native communities.

But without vision and strategic planning, many Tribes continue to operate from a reactive point of view. That’s why it’s crucial to start with a proactive, realistic and workable plan that will assist your Tribe in moving toward its goals in the next five years, 10 years, or even decades down the road.

“You can’t just throw up a new hotel, for example, without a plan that takes the entire community into consideration,” says Fullmer. “You also have to consider whether you have adequate roads, water, housing, utilities and a trained workforce to support its success. So you have to plan both horizontally and vertically with a vision for the future. It may not get done overnight, but proper planning will ensure that your Tribe’s ventures have sustainability and consistency.”

This is why Blue Stone’s Strategic Planning Process has been designed with a clear vision that comes directly from the Tribes and their communities. Each customized plan includes Action Steps built into the planning process, and Accountability that empowers Tribal government to be proactive, versus reacting to a crisis.

We have supported many Tribal Nations over the last 13 years with our Strategic Planning Work Sessions. These tailored sessions are developed specifically for your tribe and its unique culture and location.

Blue Stone would be honored to assist your Tribe in developing a strategic plan to help in moving forward with capacity building, infrastructure and economic development diversification.

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