As economies in Indian Country have begun to mature from the expansionist phase of gaming into more complex, diversified enterprises, tribes are confronted with a host of challenges―from hiring personnel, frequent turnover and conflict resolution to managing salaries, benefits packages and legal issues.

Blue Stone Strategy Group (BSSG) offers several services to manage existing issues or develop new policies and procedures that can help organize and streamline operations for more effective tribal human resource departments.

“Now more than ever, an effective human resource department is a critical component of the success of any operation. Our consultants have the expertise and the flexibility to assess the strengths and weaknesses of human resource departments from an objective point of view,” says BSSG Chairman and CEO Jamie Fullmer. “We can assist in developing more strategic goals and objectives, as well as implementation of best practices.”

There may be a variety of reasons to seek HR expertise, including:  Recruitment and retention of quality personnel, rewards and incentives, employee communication, workers’ compensation, workplace etiquette and behavioral issues, employee benefits consultants/brokers, healthcare, 401(k) Savings Plans, retirement plans, continuing education, risk/loss management and more.

Blue Stone’s strong team of human resource experts have worked exclusively with tribal human resources departments over the past 10 years. Our human resources services are tailored to suit the needs of our tribal clients based on best practices within Indian Country. We have developed our human resources services as an unbiased, complete solution to all of your human resources operational needs.

Blue Stone’s Human Resources Services include:

  • Gauging the Effectiveness of the HR Department

  • Implementing and/or providing Training and Development for HR staff

  • Full-Cycle Recruiting, Employment and On-Boarding Administration

  • Assessment and Implementation of Tribal Preference Policy

  • Compensation Analysis

  • Safety, Workers’ Compensation, Risk Management and Benefits Review

  • Savings and Retirement Plan Development, Implementation, Performance and Administration

  • Responsiveness, Staff Workload and Reporting Relationships

  • Regulatory Compliance Audits

  • Update Policies and Procedures

“For decades, tribal nations worked with limited resources that usually came from government grants that were intended for human services,” says Fullmer. “But with the rapid expansion of the gaming industry and their ancillary businesses, many HR departments have struggled to stay apace of the changes that came with managing new revenue streams and increased human capital. Therefore, we believe that it’s crucial for the long-term stability of tribes that they harness this important component of business development.”

Fullmer says that investing in human resources now could alleviate bigger problems down the road, as the expansion of tribal business development continues across the country. Additionally, because of their unique sovereign status, tribal businesses must also grapple with cultural values, beliefs and customs in factoring their workplace environment.

“When hiring key personnel, establishing a workplace code of conduct or developing policies and procedures, every tribe has its own particular worldview,” says Fullmer. “Therefore, we are very cognizant of the unique diversity of our tribal clients and how they incorporate their tribal values into their business enterprises. Our goal is to help shape their HR policies from their vantage point.”

From start to finish, BSSG provides turnkey Human Resource consulting that can help guide tribal business development through talent acquisition, outsourcing, compensation, absence management and benefit packages that can help provide the cohesiveness and consistency necessary in today’s employment environment.

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