Priyanka Daya

Project Manager Intern

Priyanka Daya is a 2021 Summer Project Manager Intern with Blue Stone Strategy Group. Daya graduated from Arizona State University in May 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Finance, Computer Information Systems, and Accountancy. She also has a certification in Corporate Real Estate and has obtained her Arizona Real Estate License through the Arizona Department of Real Estate. Over the course of her academic career, she has worked on multiple business plans, franchise development projects, financial analysis projects, data analysis projects, and database management and coding projects. She is an active member of Omega Phi Alpha, Beta Gamma Sigma, AAHOA, and the Student Alumni Association where she has enhanced her soft and hard skills, while expanding her network. While attending Arizona State University, she was a finance teaching assistant for Fundamentals of Finance, Managerial Finance, Security Analysis Portfolio Management, and Derivative Financial Securities. Daya’s primary responsibilities in this position were to hold office hours and assist students both virtually and in-person who were struggling with comprehending specific concepts taught in class. Along with this, she would respond to student and professor emails in a timely fashion, while also grading assignments and exams for professors. 

Additionally, Daya has been exposed to the hospitality industry her entire life and has the skills and ability to manage a hotel. Growing up in a hotel has been a life-changing experience that has allowed her to establish customer service, communication, analytical, leadership, and problem-solving skills. For the past 8 years, she has held the position of assistant manager for her parent’s hotel. In her role as the assistant manager, she is responsible for managing reservations, approving credit card authorizations, matching credit card statements, renting rooms, writing emails, managing inventory, and solving any issues that arise at the hotel. Throughout her internship at Blue Stone, Daya will be helping Tribal Nations by strengthening their economies through assisting project managers and strategists in strategic planning, economic development, and tribal governance. Daya looks forward to helping Tribal Nations while gaining real-world experience in business development, project management, research, and governance.