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Blue Stone’s Prioritization Tool

In less than an hour, these 3 FREE easy-to-use exercises, will help Tribal Leadership increase understanding, agree on priorities, and plan an initial roadmap for your next projects.

Step 1

Bring clarity into your planning.

Understanding Community vs Economic Development Initiatives
Time: 10-15 min

A thriving community makes investments in community projects as well as economic development. Understanding the nuances between the two is important. The aim of this toolkit is to define clearly the difference between community development and economic development projects.

Step 2

Align your community & economic priorities.

Top 3 Priorities
Time: 10-20 min

It can be hard to get things done when your leadership can’t agree on priorities. The aim of this toolkit is to facilitate alignment between Tribal Leadership by focusing on the feasibility and importance of your future projects. With 10 minutes, some sticky notes and a simple graph, this toolkit can help your council identify the next projects to focus on and develop.

Step 3

Quickly create plans for your next projects.

Plan on a Page
Time: 5-10 min

The aim of this toolkit is to quickly identify the next steps and plan a course of action for a given project. This is designed to give a high level overview that highlights the goals and anticipated impact of a single project.

Toolkit: Priorities for Federal Funding

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