Client: Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians, Tuolumne, CA

Tribal enrollment: 350

The Situation:

The Tuolumne Me-Wuk Tribal Economic Development Authority (TEDA) was actively involved in a number of tribal initiatives and programs aimed at promoting economic growth and community development. These initiatives included resort planning and development, prioritization of infrastructure projects, as well as the need to develop plans and policies for a number of other community services such as the health clinic, housing program, and planning development program. As with most tribal Economic Development Authorities, the Tuolumne Me-Wuk must strike a balance between the immediate needs of the Tribe and investment in long-term sustainability. In order to establish a solid foundation for economic development and long-term sustainability, it was important to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the TEDA.

Scope of Services:

  • Developed the framework for one and five-year plan and made specific recommendations on actions to best position the tribe for long term sustainability and financial stability
  • Provided advisory services and recommendations on the master plan for the resort and validate assumptions and requirements.

What We Did:

Blue Stone Strategy Group was engaged to assess, evaluate, and prioritize the nearly 40 projects and initiatives that the TEDA was managing or considering. As part of the process, an objective review was conducted of its structure, existing enterprises, and plans in order to identify opportunities and areas for improvement.

Blue Stone helped the TEDA create a method for evaluating and prioritizing projects based upon economic impact to the Tribe. We were able to facilitate information sharing between the tribal government, enterprises, and TEDA and develop consolidated budgets and financials to create a clear picture of their options. We recommended organizational changes to the TEDA structure to ensure more efficient and effective management of economic development projects and on-going management of enterprises. And we developed a one and five year plan and communicated it to the tribal membership.

The Results:

  • Development of a one and five year strategic development plan
  • Clarity on the overall financial picture and prioritization of critical projects
  • Increased communication and accountability of departments to work toward common goals

Blue Stone Strategy Group was able to help the TEDA organize and prioritize its initiatives by clarifying the overarching goal of long-term sustainability. With that goal in mind, we were able to create a one and five-year plan of economic development with pro forma financial projections to support the existing gaming enterprise and create diversified revenue streams. The realization of this plan will result in the creation of a destination resort and revenue streams to support social and cultural projects of the tribal community.