There have been considerable concerns raised throughout Indian Country about the uncertainty that lies ahead in 2017 and what changes might occur in the coming year with the New Administration.

Do you believe your tribal leadership aligned and positioned to overcome potential challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in 2017?

Over the past decade we have worked exclusively in Indian Country for over 150 Tribal Clients.  Blue Stone Strategy Group is uniquely equipped and qualified to help tribal leaders position themselves to be focused and thrive in 2017 and we are committed to helping protect and strengthen tribal sovereignty, by working with tribal leaders to improve economic development and tribal governance.

Read comments from tribal leaders who have worked with us.

None of us can be exactly sure of the changes for the upcoming New Year, but Blue Stone Strategy Group understands that having a strong, sustainable tribal economy, a vision for improvement, and clear strategies with efficient processes and systems in place will position tribes for success.

One way to jump start the planning process is by participating in a strategic planning work session uniquely designed to address the specific opportunities and challenges your Tribe is facing. Each tribal work session is customized based on your specific goals and circumstances and are led by Blue Stone Strategy Group senior team members and strategists who bring best practices and actionable options to the process.

We would very much like to talk with you to explore areas that we can support you in the coming year.  Please schedule a call to discuss today at (949) 476-8828.

Community Visioning

2-Day Work Sessions

When advancing any initiative for the benefit of the tribal community as a whole, it is critical to consider the point-of-view and expectations of the tribal citizens. Whether validating developing strategies or gaining insight about new or existing programs, community visioning is a key component in successful development and implementation. (Read more)

2-Day Work Sessions

Strategic planning is a critical initiative in accomplishing a Tribal Nation’s goals. Whether to support economic development, diversification, government, best use of land and other resources, or any other area impacting tribal stability and sovereignty, developing a unified vision and strategy is key for successful implementation. (Read more)

Leadership Alignment

2-Day Work Sessions

Strong leadership built on an aligned vision with a clear plan forward is critical to protecting tribal sovereignty. Alignment of leadership direction, strategy and resources is critical to maintaining a balance between the immediate needs of the community and long-term sustainability of Tribal Nations. (Read more)