To All National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED)and Reservation Economic Summit 2020 (RES2020) Supporters, Partners and Clients:

During RES2020 this week, March 2-5 at Paris Las Vegas, Blue Stone Strategy Group has been selected by the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development, to gain input from members, partners and attendees about the organization’s potential growth and development priorities and direction including the annual RES conference. Blue Stone is currently implementing services and programming surveys throughout 2020 to gain deeper insight into business and economic development needs.

Blue Stone Strategy Group will be conducting surveys on behalf of NCAIED this week at RES2020 to get an overall sense of any gaps in knowledge, practices, and skills between NCAIED’s desired goals and what is currently in place.

Click the link to take the NCAIED Services and Programming Survey NOW:

We will also be introducing a RES2020 Survey; this is a brief 5-minute survey that you can complete on your phones with our RES2020 website above. There will also be a “Survey Zone” at the entrance to the conference trade show, which will be managed by Blue Stone Strategy Group. We will begin taking the Surveys this week online and at RES2020 and then continue to gather information/input about what services/programs you need and want most in Indian Country.

NCAIED Initial Target Market Needs Assessment     

Initial Target Markets:

1) Tribal Leaders and Government Executives

2) Tribal Owned and Operated Businesses

3) Native American Individual Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

4) Corporate Partners

5) Federal Government Contractors

In an effort for NCAIED to better tailor programs and offerings more in line with your tribal programming needs in supporting your Native American owned businesses and tribal economic development initiatives.  Blue Stone will also be doing several focus groups with NCAIED Clients, Partners and Supporters while at RES2020.

This research is to gain an understanding of the business opportunities, relationships to NCAIED’s clients and partners, and overall organizational course of action. At the conclusion of Blue Stone’s research and qualitative analysis, NCAIED will focus efforts on specific areas for each of the target markets through utilizing the information gathered in the detailed surveys, interviews, data collection, and focus groups. The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development wants to assure that your voice is heard as they create their organizational priorities in the years to come. We ask that you please take 5 minutes to fill out our survey. Your voice matters!

Click the link to take the NCAIED Services and Programming Survey NOW:

If you aren’t able to take the survey online and plan to attend RES2020 this week, we ask you to visit the RES2020 “Survey Zone” during the conference or visit the RES2020 Survey Website at and complete the Survey by Wednesday March 3rd. On Thursday morning’s general session, NCAIED’s President, Chris James plans to share some of the initial findings from the Survey. The Blue Stone team looks forward to meeting with you this week at RES2020.


Jamie Fullmer

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