There has never been a more critical time to plan the economic future for Tribes! Leaders must ask themselves “Do we have a plan for moving beyond this pandemic and refocusing our Vision on growing our Tribal Economy?”

With Blue Stone’s Strategic Planning Work Sessions, your tribal leadership can achieve clarity and align your tribal priorities with realistic goals and measurable outcomes that will support your government in moving toward its ultimate goal of ensuring a quality of life for your community.

Led by our experienced team members, our One and Two-Day Tribal Leader Work Sessions are individually designed and customized for each tribal client to identify and align Tribal Leadership priorities for future growth and to provide the support necessary to navigate all the action steps in this process.  Our Leadership planning sessions include identifying goals and performance objectives, developing metrics and timelines for keeping on track, and more!

“Creating a Clear Vision is fundamental in developing a strategic plan that provides the framework for implementing programs and priorities that align with the Tribe’s cultural values and goals,” says Blue Stone Strategy Group Chairman/CEO Jamie Fullmer. “It is also important to gather input and communicate your goals to your community members.  A shared vision is a critical element that contributes to success when everyone is invested and on the same page for moving the Tribe forward.”

Through our objective, facilitated discussions, and exercises, Blue Stone works with a variety of stakeholders, including tribal leaders, the tribal council and key staff to conduct thorough background reviews in order to develop session material specific to your Tribe.

Blue Stone believes that the key to creating a successful tribal economy lies in the ability to balance the many needs and goals of the tribal community while taking an accurate assessment of the opportunities and resources necessary to ensure success and sustainability for future generations.

Fullmer states, “In our work, it is the participants who develop their priorities, it is their “Tribal Vision” and the future of their community. With Blue Stone’s seasoned and tested process and expert team, we coordinate with tribal leaders as a trusted advisor in building the framework needed to achieve that future.”

It is up to you to work through these unprecedented times on behalf of your Tribe and community.  If you’re ready to identify and pursue a workable strategic plan for your community, call us today at 949-476-8828 or email us at to set up a tribal leader work session to help you begin the steps in planning to work through these challenging times to develop a Vision for the future.  With the current challenges of social distancing in place, we are able to utilize technology to do the work sessions online in a Zoom presentation format.  Please contact us and let’s get the planning process initiated!