A note from Jamie Fullmer – Assessing from the foundation up in 2017
January 15, 2017

At the start of each New Year, we spend time assessing our lives, our habits, our goals. As businesses, we often re-evaluate our collective direction and priorities. Tribes should prioritize doing the same with their tribal governments and enterprises.
Any tribal system or tribal business is only as good as its people. Human Resources (HR) is the vital link that provides staffing, guidance and advice to all levels of tribal business. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of human resources, and you set the stage to improve performance and leadership systematically for your ever-growing tribal Nation.
Through HR assessment, programming reviews as well as on-boarding, training, and much more, Blue Stone Strategy Group can equip your HR team with crucial insights and procedures. Staffing is the life blood of any organization. Having an enhanced HR team process and support will assist tribal decision-makers in improving their abilities to handle complex situations and make smart, informed decisions.
Blue Stone Strategy Group does not rely on blanket or universal recommendations for realigning HR structure and drafting new policies. Thanks to the last decade of experience working with tribal human resources departments, we have ample proven-effective best practices and management models to pull from — but we adapt and refine those models for each individual tribe.
As a majority Native-owned and -operated business that has spent the last 10 years supporting tribal leaders in governance and economic development issues, Blue Stone Strategy Group clearly grasps the unique structures of tribal governments and enterprises, and how vastly different those can look from tribe to tribe.
2017 is already moving forward so should you!  The time is now to kick start your tribe’s economic development from the ground up, beginning with HR. Here’s what Blue Stone has to offer your human relations department: overall assessment of the effectiveness of your HR department; HR training and development; savings and retirement plan administration; performance and development; recruiting, employment and on-boarding administration; tribal preference policy; compensation analysis; compensation policies and procedures; safety, workers’ compensation, risk management and benefits review; responsiveness, staff workload, and reporting relationships; regulatory compliance audients; update policies and procedures. Check out Blue Stone’s many testimonials from tribal leaders:
“Blue Stone brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our organization while emphasizing the need of Unity and helping bring Our Vision to fruition,” said Marshall Pierite, former Tribal Chairman of the Tunica Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana.
So what’s the next step? Schedule a call. Call us today at (949) 476-8828, or contact us via bluestonestrategy.com. Let Blue Stone help take your tribe’s economic development and prosperity to the next level.
Through strengthening your economic stability and tribal sovereignty, we empower Indian country as a whole.  Plan ahead Stay ahead!

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