John Mooers

Vice Chairman

John Mooers served as President of Blue Stone Strategy Partners from 2007 – 2023. During his tenure, he has partnered with Tribal Nations on more than 700 projects, ranging from economic development and strategic planning to healthcare, human resources, and housing. As a leader at Blue Stone, John has been instrumental in helping to build economic independence and protect Tribal sovereignty with Blue Stone’s Tribal partners.

Prior to his time at Blue Stone, John had a distinguished career in senior business strategy in the technology and consulting industry. He played a key role in the development and launch of Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Network, Microsystems, Oracle, and numerous middle-market and emerging growth companies. John specializes in creating business models and growth strategies with the goal of securing venture capitalist and investment banking financing.

John first came to Indian Country with a focus on helping Tribes structure and launch their business entities. Through his partnership with Blue Stone’s CEO, Jamie Fullmer, he expanded his vision and skills to encompass all aspects of Tribal governance and business.

As the leader of Blue Stone’s five service line teams, John offers Tribal partners the tools they need to develop a clear vision and a strategy to achieve it. He is a frequent speaker at Indian Country conferences and a respected thought leader on the future of Tribal economic development.

When he is not working, John enjoys golfing and spending time with his wife and family in Phoenix, Arizona, and Denver, Colorado