New HR Service Offering: Human Resources Subscription-Based Services
January 23, 2024

Blue Stone Strategy Partners recognizes the challenges faced by Tribal Human Resources professionals and their staff, grappling with a multitude of tasks in their day-to-day operations amid limited resources and staff. 

Reclaim control of your time and let us assist you in integrating efficiencies into your daily operations, transforming your approach from reactive to proactive.

Blue Stone Strategy Partners will be introducing subscription-based Human Resources services. Wondering what this entails and how it operates? Tribes will now have the option to pay a monthly fee for a comprehensive array of HR services. These services are designed to enhance the management of HR tasks, enabling HR professionals to focus on critical responsibilities.

How can Blue Stone assist?

Our subscription-based Human Resources services offers numerous advantages. Here are some instances of the efficiencies that will be instilled within your internal Human Resources team:

  • More effective budget management, as our clients will know the fixed cost associated with the subscription, making financial planning, budgeting, and approvals more straightforward
  • HR services will be scalable, based on each client’s need. This flexibility is especially beneficial for growth within the Tribe or Tribal entity or those experiencing fluctuations in staffing levels
  • Some smaller Tribes don’t have the resources for an in-house HR department. Subscription-based services provide access to HR expertise without the need for hiring dedicated staff
  • Tribes and their HR departments can focus on core business activities, while outsourcing some of the most cumbersome HR functions to Blue Stone; this allows for enhanced efficiency and productivity of their in-house HR department staff
  • Assurance of compliance with HR regulations and changing laws that are applicable to Tribes and their entities, reducing legal risks
  • Customization and flexibility geared towards tailoring what your Tribal HR department needs in the way of support, ensuring that your Tribe is only paying for the services that are most relevant and in need of additional support
  • Well-managed HR services contribute to improved employee experiences, which leads to higher employee satisfaction and retention rates
  • Risk management services, helping your Tribe navigate issues such as employee disputes and grievances, employee relations issues and investigations, terminations, and other HR-related risks
  • Regular updates on changes in HR laws, industry best practices, and compliance requirements that are applicable to Tribes and their enterprises; helping your Tribe stay informed and able to adapt your HR polices accordingly
  • Reduced administrative burden by allowing your HR department to offload certain administrative tasks, allowing your HR department staff to concentrate on core business functions

What Services Are Included in the Subscription-Based Model?

Blue Stone’s HR subscription-based model encompasses a range of services aimed at helping the Tribe manage their workforce effectively and navigate HR-related challenges.

Specific services will vary based on need but commonly included offerings are:

  • Compensation study support, after study is completed, to include slotting new positions into new structure, impact analysis, annual updates to structure, and recommendations
  • FLSA review to ensure compliance and mitigate risk
  • Developing and/or modifying job descriptions
  • Assistance with the employee onboarding process, including a structure and guidance for a good onboarding process
  • HR compliance including regular updates on applicable labor laws, regulations, and compliance requirements to ensure that the Tribe and their entities stay legally compliant without sacrificing or risk to their sovereignty
  • Employee records management audits to ensure accuracy and confidentiality of employee records; recommendations for correcting any gaps
  • Support in developing and implementing the performance evaluation process
  • Guidance on handling employee relations issues, conflict resolution, and workplace investigations
  • Employee engagement surveys to determine gaps and provide recommendations
  • Updates to HR policies and procedures (the Employee Handbook) to align with best practices and applicable legal requirements
  • Support in designing and implementing employee training programs for skill development
  • Assistance with the recruitment process, including job posting, candidate screening and interview coordination
  • Assistance with exit interviews, separation procedures, and ensuring a smooth transition for departing employees
  • Access to HR professionals for consultation and advice on a wide-range of HR issues

Overall, Blue Stone Strategy Partner’s subscription-based Human Resource services provide a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for Tribes and their enterprises that are looking to manage their Human Resources efficiently and strategically. To learn more, simply schedule a meeting with our team! Please click on the link below and choose a date and time that works best for you.

We believe that a collaborative approach to HR management can lead to increased efficiency, employee satisfaction, and ultimately, improved business outcomes. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your team to achieve these objectives!