Blue Stone Remote Video Recording

We’re using brand new technology to create professional quality videos that allow our Partners and potential Partners to get to know the Blue Stone team. The following are instructions for preparing for your remote video session.

1. Unboxing your Kit

What we are sending you (from Amazon)

  • FT-5218 Tripod
  • Lavalier Microphone
  • Andoer Light Kit
  • Lightning or USB-C Earbuds

What you will need to supply:




    2. Using the elements in your kit

    Watch the 12 minute video below to learn how to use the parts of your kit.

    3. Choosing a Location

    What to wear:

    • Avoid patterns or stripes, a solid shirt is best that contrasts with your background.

    Picking a Location:

    • Choose a location where you won’t be filming into a bright window. (A bright window in front of you is fine).
    • A table, desk or chair to hold your laptop
    • Sit on a stool or chair with a low back
    • Have at least 6 feet from your chair to a wall

    We are aiming for a setup that is remicient of like the framing below with you centered in the frame, and a wall at least 6 feet behind you.

      4. Setting up at your location

      Watch the 7 minute video below to see how to setup at your chosen location and be ready to film.

      Setup Diagram

      This is a top-down view of the layout of your locaiton.

      Note to Android and Windows users

      Because the variety of Android Phones and Windows based computers, prior to your interview we will need to conduct a test to ensure your audio is working as expected.  We will contact you to conduct this test before your scheduled filming date. For this test you will need to have the following close at hand:

      • Phone
      • Laptop
      • Supplied Lav Mic
      • Supplied Headphone

      5. Filming Day

      At your scheduled time, join the Zoom call from your Laptop, and we tell you what to do next. If you have any trouble, call T. Payton cell at 505-450-8440. 


        Do I need a script? 

        No. These vidoes intended to allow our partners to get to know us a team, so we want natural, unscripted reactions. We will be asking you quesiton about your work with Tribes. 

        What questions will you be asking?

        We will be sending you the quesitons ahead of time. We are asking open ended questions about you and your experience in working at Blue Stone. For example:

        • How does your work benefit a tribal community?
        • What is one thing you wish everyone knew about the work that Blue Stone does?