Tribal Outreach Council Mailer

This Council Mailer package has been prepared to facilitate your outreach efforts to increase awareness of Blue Stone services and to seek partnership with Tribes. This package is an essential component of your outreach but you’ll need to complete and personalize a mailer for each Tribe that’s been assigned to you.  

Contents of the Package

25 Pre-assembled branded envelopes
(1 for each Tribe)
  ♦ Postcard
  ♦ Top 3 Priorities Tool 

Blue Stone letterhead
(35 count – find them inside the envelope with no label.)


Word Doc Template for Letter.

Instructions for Building a Council Mailer

Write & Print Your Letter

1. Download the Word Template — Download the word template on this page and duplicate the document to make your own edits. Rename it with the Tribe name for your own records.
Do not start a new document within Word, the template has been formatted to print on the Blue Stone Letterhead.

2. Personalize Your Letter — The word template has been partially pre-written but requires your customization for each Tribe.

The first paragraph must be rewritten and personalized by you. Start by introducing yourself and your position at Blue Stone. Note something about your experience in Indian Country such as if you are part of a Tribe or any work you’ve done for Tribes. Finally and most importantly, find a connection with the Tribe based off your research or personal experience with the Tribe.

The second and third paragraphs focus on the tool and Blue Stone. These paragraphs do not require changes but we recommend personalizing them if it makes sense for the Tribe.  IMPORTANT

3. Print on the Blue Stone Letterhead – Insert the letterhead in your printer and print your letter. If you do not have a printer, print your letter at a local Staples, FedEx, library etc.

Complete the Council Mailer

1. Verify contents — Make sure the branded envelope has the postcard and Top 3 priorities tool within it.

2. Place your letter within the envelope.

3. Place one of your Blue Stone business cards within the envelope.

Send Mailer to the Tribe

1. Verify the Tribe’s address.

2. Write address in the center of the envelope. IMPORTANT

3. Mail — Go to your nearest USPS and mail it to the Tribe.