Blue Stone Insights Articles Guide

A brief guide on how to create an insights article. 

What is an Insights Article?

Insight Articles are designed to give Tribal Leaders insight, analysis, and a deeper understanding of a particular topic. These are not meant to just be presenting information (like a news article, Blue Stone sales pitch or report), but rather provide meaning, analysis and application of a topic. Insight articles are written by Tribal Leaders, as well as Blue Stone Tribal Advisors, Blue Stone Subject Matter Experts, or Blue Stone leadership. You can see examples of an insight article here.

Writing degree not required. 

If you have been asked to create an insights article, congratulations! We look forward to sharing your expertise with our Tribal Leaders. However, don’t think you have to be an expert writer to create an Insights article. We have tools to help you write, or we can even do the writing for you.

Option 1 – You write, we will help guide

A typical insights article is between 1000 and 2000 words. Our aim is for it to be digested in under 10 minutes. After writing your article based on our Insights Strategic Framework and outline, you’ll submit that to our editorial team will give it a review. You don’t necessarily need to supply your own charts, illustrations, or photography, as we have a whole team happy to create those for you. We will work together with you to make your article a masterpiece.

Option 2 – You talk, we write

If organizing and writing a 1000 word article is not your cup of tea, we will be delighted to put your thoughts on paper for you. We can facilitate making several types of articles:

  •  Q&A – We will interview you via video call about a subject and you can share your thoughts. You’ll share your topic beforehand and we will give you a list of questions. We will then write up an article based on the transcript of our call and then you’ll have a chance to review the draft and finished product before it is published.
  • Article – Together we will choose a topic and create a structure for the content to be covered based on our Insights Strategic Framework. We will then interview you based on the content we developed and write up an article. We will add photography, charts, and illustrations as needed. You’ll have a chance to review the draft and finished product before it is published. 

Option 3 – You send us a presentation, we will write

If you have already given a trade show presentation or lecture on the topic you would like for your insights article AND have a recording of it, we can work together with you to transform it into an insights article. Again, no fancy art skills are needed. We will take care of that. Like the other options, you’ll have a chance to review the draft and finished product before it is published.

Next Steps

Reach out to the editorial team by replying to the email that directed you to this page. We look forward to working with you!