Get Your Tribal Leadership Aligned
Jameson Savage
May 29, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Since 2007 Blue Stone Strategy Partners has partnered with over 200 Tribal communities in completing over 900 projects impacting their Tribal communities and economic systems. In watching our Tribal partners make these incredible impacts for their Nations, we’ve come to recognize the significance – and the challenge of leadership alignment.

This is why we have developed our facilitated two-day Tribal leadership strategic planning work sessions, designed to support your Tribal leadership team in getting on the same page regarding priorities, economic and community impact, and the action steps to get there. 

What to Expect in These Leadership Sessions: 


1. Cast a Vision for Success:

We will work with your leadership team to align on your priorities and proposed impact on the Tribal community over the next few years and for future generations.

2. Assess Your Current Landscape: 

We help you to analyze your current situation, including the internal challenges and external pressures that your leadership may be experiencing. 

3. Create an Action Plan that Moves You Closer to Your Goals: 

During the session, we help you create a list of action steps to ultimately achieve your short and long-term goals. We also provide a list of resources and funding opportunities that can help you get there. 

Ready to lead your Tribal community to success? Partner with Blue Stone Strategy Partners for our two-day strategic planning session, and empower your team for impactful change.