Client: Hopi Tribe, Kykotsmovi, AZ

Tribal enrollment: 13,000 approx.

The Situation:

In seeking to evolve its government and economic development initiatives in line with traditional ideals and cooperative approaches, the Hopi Indian Tribe developed a strategic plan known as the “Hopi potskwaniat” in 1995 and updated the plan in 2001.

In 2008 the Tribe underwent a process to revisit its vision and broad goals and update the Hopi potskwaniat document. As part of the planning process, the Tribe felt it important to include the various departments and managers of its enterprises, villages, and government in order to ensure that the goals and objectives outlined in the Hopi potskwaniat were clearly understood and reflected the community values, abilities, and the resources available to deliver upon those goals.

What We Did:

Blue Stone Strategy Group was engaged by the Hopi Tribe to assist with the process of updating the potskwaniat. Our team of strategists worked directly with the Core Team at Hopi to educate all participants on their roles, facilitate the process, and deliver the final recommendations to the Tribal Council.

  • Assessment of the current state of the Hopi Tribe with relation to the Hopi potskwaniat strategic planning documents of 1995 and 2001
  • Facilitation of the initial planning process and development of consensus on the framework and deliverables by all participants
  • Identification and evaluation of existing goals, expectations, and understanding of the various departments that will be required to execute the plan
  • Articulation of planning process and desired outcomes to all parties involved in the central government, villages, enterprises, and general population

Blue Stone facilitated planning meetings and drove the process to ensure that the 20+ departments and areas developed their goals and recommendations. The process culminated in a multi-day presentation to the general tribal membership in which comment and input were provided. Blue Stone Strategy Group compiled all of the input and recommendations and provided a summary document for the 2008 potskwaniat.

The Results:

  • Updated strategic planning document in line with the goals and objectives of the 20+ tribal departments and areas
  • Tribal resolution to accept the goals and recommendations put forth as a result of the 2008 planning exercise

Blue Stone Strategy Group was able to help the Hopi with the updating of its potskwaniat, a document that by law is to be updated every five years but was three years overdue. Our experience in tribal government allowed us to facilitate the process and ensure that all parties had a voice in the development of the document that will serve as the Hopi’s strategic vision for the next five years.