Client: National Indian Gaming Association, Washington D.C.

Member tribes: 184

The Situation:

The National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) created the American Indian Business Network (AIBN) to promote intertribal commerce and the growth of tribal economies through the creation of a network of tribal owned corporations, Native American owned businesses, and other companies and associations who have a vested interest in the growth of the Indian Economy.

The AIBN had experienced very limited adoption and awareness. There had been a number of well meaning individuals who supported the AIBN, but the initiative lacked a unifying vision and structure.

Blue Stone Strategy Group brought structure and vision to the AIBN initiative. They laid the foundation for an ambitious project which has the potential to have a material impact on economic development throughout Indian Country.

-Ernest Stevens Jr., Chairman, NIGA

What We Did:

Blue Stone Strategy Group was engaged to develop the vision, structure, and overall priority of strategies and tactics necessary to make the AIBN a thriving entity.

In June 2007, the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED) honored Jamie with the First American Tribal Leadership Award, which recognizes outstanding leadership and contributions to American Indian economic and business development.