Whether you have new-hires or veteran staff members, all tribal governments and tribal enterprises need training and professional development programs for their employees.

At Blue Stone, we believe that the starting point of any training and/or professional development program should start with a needs assessment that is custom designed to fit your Tribe and its enterprises. Our programs have been proven to reduce turnover and build a stronger workplace in which employees feel valued and loyal.

The management competencies that you want to instill in your management include:

  • Business skills. Managers must understand basic business operations in order to match department goals to the tribe’s strategic goals. Managers also need to be able to plan and adhere to budgets.
  • Communication skills.  Managers must clearly communicate information and facilitate learning by diverse audiences. They also must be able to effectively convey instructions to their respective staffs.
  • Critical-thinking skills.  Managers must use critical-thinking skills when assessing work processes, employee performance levels and the overall success of the department is meetings its service delivery goals. Managers must identify the training needs of departments and recognize where changes and improvements can be made.
  • Decision-making skills.  Managers must select or create the best work processes to meet the needs of their departments to produce the results for which they were created to produce.
  • Collaboration skills.  Managers need strong interpersonal skills because delivering the department services requires working in concert with staff, trainees, subject matter experts, and the tribal leaders. They must also accomplish much of their work through teams.
  • Leadership skills. Managers are often in charge of a staff and are responsible for many department tasks and goals. They must be able to organize, motivate, and instruct those working under them.

Blue Stone’s unique, customized approach can help you develop a culture that fosters mentoring, coaching and positive communication, increasing employee output and reducing the cost of recruiting and hiring.

If you want to keep your staff motivated while learning new concepts and producing high quality work, give us a call today at (949) 476-8828 or email us at jfullmer@bluestonestrategy.com to schedule your training session!

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