Capitalize on Tribal Housing Funds
Jameson Savage
June 17, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This year has seen the most significant increase in HUD’s Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) funding since its inception in 1998, rising by $232 million from $787 million in 2023 to $1.11 billion in 2024.

Some key highlights of the funding increase are that more funds are available to support the construction, rehabilitation, and operation of affordable housing for Native American communities. This funding increase enables the expansion of housing services, including maintenance, modernization, and energy-efficient upgrades. Increased funding will also allow for improving living conditions, enhancing community facilities, and providing better support services for residents.

Despite this year’s funding increase, future funding levels are uncertain due to potential governmental shifts and policy changes. It is essential for Tribes and housing authorities to develop a comprehensive strategic plan to ensure the effective allocation and utilization of these resources, leaving a lasting impact on the community.

Using a strategic plan offers numerous benefits, including optimized resource allocation, where resources such as finances, personnel, and time are effectively aligned with organizational priorities and goals, thus avoiding wasteful expenditures on non-strategic activities. It enhances accountability by clearly defining roles and responsibilities, ensuring individuals and teams are aware of their contributions towards achieving the strategic objectives and facilitating progress tracking. Strategic planning also fosters long-term sustainability by encouraging a focus on enduring goals that ensure ongoing success and growth. It includes comprehensive risk management, identifying potential challenges and developing strategies to mitigate them, thereby enhancing organizational resilience. Moreover, a strategic plan leads to improved efficiency by aligning activities with strategic goals, reducing redundancy, and ensuring optimal resource utilization. Finally, it enables performance measurement by setting clear objectives and benchmarks, allowing for continuous assessment and adjustment to stay on course toward achieving the desired outcomes.

By partnering with Blue Stone, Tribal leaders can create a robust strategic plan to make the most of IHBG funds, enhancing their community’s housing and over all quality of life.

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