As more and more Tribal Leaders begin to work from home this week, Blue Stone is starting a new 10-week series sharing strategies around Stabilizing Tribal Economies.

However, the conversation doesn’t need to stop there, we are available for Phone Calls, Video Conferencing and FREE Webinars discussing any of the topics presented in this series or any other support you might be in need of right now. You can always reach us at 949-476-8828 or

Strategy #1 – Building Better Profit Potential During Casino Shut Downs

Blue Stone’s prayers go out to each of you as you lead your communities through this crisis.  However, in the midst of difficult times often lies opportunity.   As we all move through this disruptive period, we want to remind you that Blue Stone Strategy Group is here to support your efforts to protect the gaming operation revenues and the potential long-term impacts on your Tribal Economy.  We continue to work exclusively in Indian Country, serving well over 180 Tribes since we started in 2007.  Our seasoned gaming team is available to support your Tribal Casino Operations as you navigate these challenging times.

If you have chosen or been forced to close your casino operation or limit your services due to the COVID-19 impacts, it presents a unique opportunity to critique areas of weakness in your operation that you may have been putting off due to a lack of time, planning, or staff limitations.  Blue Stone is still actively working with tribes, and we stand fully functional, ready to safely assist your Casino as we work together through this challenging time.

In the high paced casino atmosphere of 24/7 operations, hotel management, and food & beverage operations, many projects may have been pushed aside for lack of time, concentrating on day-to-day operations, improper planning, or lack of consistent operational knowledge, skills, or capabilities of staff.

Some of the services and areas that Blue Stone Strategy Group can immediately assist with our gaming team’s subject matter expertise are:

  • Business interruption insurance negotiations
  • Temporary shut down and transitional planning
  • Assist in immediate implementation and project management of capital projects and renovations
  • Vendor negotiations
  • Assessment and recommendations of your software and property management systems; accounting software; surveillance systems, food & beverage point of sale system and hotel PMS
  • Analyze and identify current gaps in marketing efforts, revenue management, efficiencies, and line item expenses
  • Short- and long-term strategic planning
  • Training workshops on customer service, cross-training (cut labor costs), management development, and technical training for the accounting department and casino staff

Blue Stone has worked exclusively in Indian Country for the last thirteen years and our Indian Gaming team of national experts and proven assessment methodology can help sort through the details and provide fact-based information to guide your decision-making process toward the best outcome for your casino operations.

Call us today at 949-476-8828 or email us at to schedule a video or teleconference with our casino experts.