Many Tribes across the country struggle with recruitment and retention of quality employees. This is due to a variety of factors, especially among remote rural reservations where adequate housing, services and infrastructure for potential employees and their families are in severe shortage.

So when you do recruit employees, what’s your strategy for building a strong employee experience to improve retention? Today, as competition for employees among Tribal governments and their businesses is especially high, it’s more important than ever to create a work environment that fosters trust and loyalty among your employees. High turnover rates can negatively impact your businesses and affect their bottomline.

“Creating positive work environment requires tribal businesses to think deeply about what their employees expect and need,” says Jacob Bouie, Blue Stone’s Human Resource Subject Matter Expert. “To compete in this job market, Tribal employers need to think strategically, not only about what resonates with their workers but also what makes them special as an employer. For some that may mean focusing on things like culture and collaboration, while for others it could mean investing in new technology or dedicating more time to enhancing communication and connections.”

Additionally, many Tribal governments and their businesses struggle with consistent wage and compensation scales, or may not have written policies and procedures that can provide a sound mechanism for workplace behavior, expectations and grievance processes. These are the basic building blocks of a strong Tribal workforce and can help improve your employee’s experience and your retention rates.

Blue Stone has the expertise to help put you on the right track.

From recruitment and retention, wage and compensation studies and developing sound policies and procedures, our human resource experts can help identify areas for growth and opportunity to build a strong foundation of human capital management solutions.

If your Tribe is struggling in any of these areas, Blue Stone would be honored to assist you in moving forward with building a strong workforce.

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