Blue Stone launches new website for Tribal Leaders.
September 15, 2021

In conjunction with our name change to Blue Stone Strategy Partners, we are making a significant change to our website. We aren’t just publishing information about ourselves, we are creating a resource dedicated to helping you lead your Tribe.

New resources to help leaders thrive.

Websites are updated all the time with a fresh look and fresh content and our new website does in fact do that. But we’ve completely rethought the reason we have a website and reworked it as a vital part of our mission to help Tribal Leaders, communities, and economies thrive.


We’re starting with INSIGHTS – thoughtful articles from fellow Tribal leaders and industry experts, who want to share their knowledge with you. We feature articles to help you consider the long-term goals of your Tribe and improve your skills as a leader.

To launch insights we are featuring a 3 part series, Building Stronger Tribal Economies by Dr. Alexandria Wright, an economist and subject matter expert. She shares insight in creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem, ways to secure broadband internet for your tribe, and strategies for workforce development.

INSIGHTS articles come from our Tribal Advisors network, fellow leaders wanting to help Indian Country flourish.


Improving your leadership skills is what our new TOOLS section is aimed at.  For the first time ever we are giving you access to valuable worksheets, exercises, and tips that we use in our Blue Stone work sessions. These are available for you for little to no charge, which means you can put Blue Stone’s expertise to work for your Tribe today.  

We are launching with the Blue Stone Prioritization Tool. This tool is made up of 3 exercises that together take about an hour to complete. These have historically received high praise when we have used them in our work sessions with Tribal Leadership. The Blue Stone Prioritization Tool is offered completely free and you can start using it in your leadership sessions immediately.

Additionally, we will be adding new Blue Stone Tools as they are developed and will be releasing them in the coming months.

TOOLS Get instant access to Blue Stone expertise to help your leadership flourish.


Blue Stone.
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Founded in 2007, Blue Stone Strategy Partners is dedicated to helping Leadership and Tribes thrive throughout Indian Country. We offer Insights, Tools and Services to build stronger communities, economies and ultimately to help strengthen Tribal sovereignty.