Blue Stone’s new website — resources to help you thrive.
September 17, 2021

After months of work and feedback, we’ve completely rethought how we can make a better site for you. To that end, we have created the new Blue Stone website: a valuable resource to help Tribal leaders, communities, and economies thrive.

Our new website is focusing on three ways you can grow as a leader.

INSIGHTS – focus on the big picture

We’re starting with INSIGHTS – thoughtful articles from fellow Tribal leaders and industry experts, who want to share their knowledge with you. We feature articles to help you consider the long-term goals of your Tribe and give you valuable knowledge in leading your Tribe.

TOOLS – improve your skills as a leader

For the first time ever we are giving you access to valuable worksheets, exercises, and tips that we use in Blue Stone’s work sessions, so you can put Blue Stone’s expertise to work for your Tribe today.  

We’re beginning with the Blue Stone Prioritization Tool —  3 exercises that will help your leadership find alignment and focus. It’s free, so download it today.

SERVICES – solve complex problems and achieve big dreams

Get Blue Stone in the room with your leadership. Our expert teams are ready to put our expertise and passion to work for your Tribe. Offering everything from work sessions to help you align and prioritize your Tribe’s goals, to expert teams to help every area of your community thrive.

Blue Stone.
Your partner in leading your Tribe.