As you develop your priorities around the CARES Act Blue Stone can immediately support your Tribe in moving forward with your use of the funding for implementation in the Treasury Provided Guidance Areas listed:

A. COVID Related Emergency Response Planning and Short-Term Govt. Prioritization Compliance Planning.  Healthy Workforce Human Resources Planning. Navigating the new normal public Health Measures resulting from COVID-19

B. COVID-19 related Health Care Services Assessment and Efficiency Planning.  Financial Review Strategic Planning

C. COVID-19 Response Community Stakeholder Planning to stabilize Community Services and Programming.  Emergency Response Planning

D. Comprehensive Tribal Emergency Response and Strategic Planning COVID-19 Response Governmental Financial Planning.  Operational Efficiency and Human Resources Back to Work Planning

E. Emergency Response Planning Master Land Use and Safety Planning for Safety and Economic Recovery from COVID-19

F. Business Interruption Tribal Business Health Assessments and Economic Development Reboot Planning, including Tribal Council Post-COVID Economic Recovery Planning

G. Comprehensive Economic Development and Government Strategic Planning to overcome the Financial and Workforce challenges created because of COVID-19

As a call to action please send us an email at give us a call at 949-476-8828 to get on the schedule a follow up on CARES Act implementation.

We are here to support you!  We look forward to hearing back how things are going and if we can support.  Please continue to stay safe and healthy.