3 Action Steps to Ensure Growth After ARPA
Jameson Savage
May 21, 2024

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With the end of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding in sight and potential political shifts coming in the 2024 elections, it is a critical time for Tribal Nations to consider reassessing the development of their economic systems.

What revenue sources are you building and protecting to continue the development of your community?

How are your ARPA and grant investments impacting the resiliency of your economic system?

What happens when ARPA is gone?

These are important questions that can be addressed in sound economic planning. We recommend the following three actions Tribes can take to ensure they’re prepared to sustain growth.

1. Economic Diversification Planning:

Tribal businesses expansion plan focused on diversifying revenue sources and building long-term resiliency.

2. Comprehensive Land Use Planning:

Plan for the usage and development of Tribal land holdings to sustain economic growth for the future.

3. Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy:

Strategy- driven, regionally-focused, economic planning that encompasses the economic system as a whole: business, entrepreneurship, healthcare, education, and housing.

What revenue sources are you building and protecting to foster the development of your community? Act now to strategize and secure sustainable economic growth for your community’s future.

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