Subject Matter Expert

Jeff is a community and housing visionary leader in developments in Native American communities. He has led efforts to improve housing while encouraging tribal members to return to their community. Jeff is an experienced Executive Director in completing a myriad of successful developments including Wisconsin Housing & Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) Housing Tax Credits (HTC). A recipient of the prestigious 23rd Annual Charles L. Edson Tax Credit award for excellence in design from the Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition. Jeff facilitated the planning and installation of over 600kW of solar to the Sokaogon Chippewa Community which was the largest solar development per capita in the Midwest when completed. Jeff also demonstrated outstanding leadership and innovation in planning and developing a multipurpose development on Sokaogon reservation. His efforts resulted in a simultaneously coordinated development of a tribal day care, tribal cultural center, food distribution center along with a 20-unit new construction LIHTC development. Jeff’s unique sense of understanding tribal communities is a key to planning and development for all tribes.

Jeff received both the Travois’ 20th anniversary Superhero award and the Next 20 award. Travois founded in 1995 is a Certified B Corporation and they focus exclusively on promoting housing and economic development for American Indian, Alaskan and Native Hawaiian communities. Jeff was cited for being a dynamic housing young professional who brings new ideas along with a fresh perspective to the task providing affordable housing. Not taking “No” for an answer Jeff continually works to overcome obstacles in all our Native communities. He also balances many obligations as a community leader, Vice-President of the Crandon school board and owner of B.A. Home Improvements (BAHI) with determination and persistence.

Jeff’s motto “always allow your vision to extend far beyond your reach.”