Carole Veloso

Healthcare Clinic Operations Specialist

Ms. Carole Veloso has led organizations in healthcare as a CEO and Executive Director. At one point, she headed a network of 21 primary and specialty clinics on a County-wide level. Veloso’s experience spans hospitals, LTACHs, and surgery centers, including all healthcare sectors like governmental, private, non-profit, for-profit, and joint venture organizations. With her vast healthcare experiences, Veloso gained a sharpened skillset in strategic planning, clinical and facility redesign of systems, and process improvement. Furthermore, Veloso has guided many projects through various construction, emergency, and redesign stages.

In relation to Tribal healthcare, she facilitated the creation of home care services and initiated behavioral health and substance abuse treatment programs, both inpatient and outpatient. She accomplished this while growing the bottom line by millions for primary care Tribal clinics.

Veloso also has international experience and has worked in Africa, Central America, and Mexico. This exposure gave her a broad outlook on how issues can be effectively solved. She believes there are many ways to address problematic situations, and she carefully works to find suitable resolutions for the organization. Veloso is a proven reliable Project Specialist in the healthcare field, and she is mindful and acquainted with how best practices might translate into quality care for Indian Country.