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Tribal Land Use Planning

Helps a Nation plan the best uses for land holdings

Blue Stone’s Tribal Land Use Planning team of professionals have been working with tribes in “highest and best use” land use planning for more than a decade. We seek to assist the tribe in maximizing overall value while considering the environment and cultural priorities for long-term benefit. Lands are exceptionally important to every tribe and are held sacred. Every member wants the tribe’s lands to be put to best use, but not everyone defines “best use” in the same way. Leave the land alone for the next generation? Build a casino on a portion of it? Use it for tribal housing? What about community programs or schools? How about leasing the land to developers? Our land use team of experts can help your tribe’s leaders and members come to a workable solution for use of tribal lands. We can help ensure your tribal community is fully engaged in the planning process, oversee any development projects and analyze the value of one acre or thousands of acres. The analysis provides different budget and return-on-investment projections depending on different scenarios as we take into account your region’s economic future. Blue Stone will develop a Land Use Plan that incorporates tribal priorities to make best use of your land holdings while keeping your tribe economically stable. Our goal is to ensure your lands are put to the best cultural, financial and practical use as possible.

Blue Stone’s Tribal Land Use Planning Services Include:

  • Master Planning
  • Highest and Best Use of Tribal Lands
  • Culture Alignment
  • Community Involvement
  • Land Value Analysis
  • Project Facilitation and Oversight
  • Redevelopment
  • Growth Strategies
  • Market Segmentation
  • Stabilization and Revitalization
  • Regional Economic Analysis
  • Market Analysis and Research
  • Retail and Commercial Demands
  • Budget and ROI Scenarios


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