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Housing Program Assessment and Support

Ensures housing needs are addressed and supported.

Tribes and Tribally Designated Housing Entities (TDHEs) encounter a variety of challenges in addressing the housing needs of tribal members. The recipients of federal housing funds are required to adhere to a variety of programmatic requirements. On-going housing federal budget cuts also put a spotlight on the importance of developing alternative approaches to tribal housing needs. Blue Stone’s housing experts have extensive experience working within the complexity of TDHEs. We will guide you every step of the way so your project meets or exceeds all requirements and regulations. We also provide training sessions and on-site technical assistance.

Blue Stone’s Tribal Housing Program Assessment and Support Services Include:

  • Assess the Administrative Capacity of the Community Development Department to Support Current and Future Housing Initiatives
  • Conduct a Housing Assessment/Survey to Determine Future Housing Demand for the Tribe
  • Review Recent Occupancy Decisions for both the Rental and Homeownership Programs
  • Assess Existing Rental Stock to Ascertain Future Maintenance Costs
  • Develop Short-Term Plans to Transition Rental Unit Occupants to Homeownership
  • Identify Opportunities to Leverage Multiple Housing Funding Resources
  • Develop Action Plan / Road Map


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