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Healthcare Advisory Services

Improves healthcare services for tribal members

All tribes want their members to be healthy and many offer healthcare services designed specifically for their tribal members. Running healthcare clinics and even hospitals takes considerable time and expertise. Blue Stone evaluates your tribal community’s healthcare needs, existing programs and health center operations, looking for ways to improve healthcare delivery. With more than 10 years of experience working with tribal healthcare services, issues and priorities, Blue Stone provides a unique and unbiased perspective. We can:

  • Assess how well your facilities and delivery systems are serving your community;
  • Evaluate areas of concern for efficiency;
  • Increase clinical effectiveness;
  • Assess the overall functionality of your healthcare services in meeting the needs of the community;
  • Evaluate the feasibility of opening new facilities;
  • Provide workshops on best practices.

Blue Stone’s Healthcare Advisory Services Include:

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness Assessments of Delivery Systems and Facilities
  • Improvement Plans for Delivery Systems and Facilities
  • Feasibility Studies for New Facility and/or Operational Undertakings
  • Strategic Planning for Operations
  • Leadership Workshops on Healthcare Terminology, Processes, Best Practices and Business Models
  • Facilitated Training Work Sessions in Various Areas:
    • Staffing Levels and Competence
    • Organizational Structure
    • Organizational Culture
    • Leadership
    • Revenues/Expenses Management
    • Maximizing Access to Revenues and Grants
    • Navigating the Affordable Care Act
    • Medical Home Model
    • Clinical Best Practices
    • Billing
    • Patient Flow
    • Information Technology
    • Patient Satisfaction
    • HR Procedures


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