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Tribal Leadership Economic Development Planning

Helps leaders create successful economic plans

Blue Stone’s Tribal Advisors are current or former leaders themselves. This personal experience helps us provide economic development tools that will help protect your tribe’s sovereignty and stability. We do this based on the best practices we’ve learned over the last 10 years assisting tribes about how to grow and stabilize their tribal economies.

Most tribal economic development tends to focus on specific projects or land development initiatives. However tribal leadership must also focus on building a sustainable economy, one that separates tribal governance from a Nation’s economic development structure (while still keeping communication clear and constant between them). Otherwise long-term economic success may be limited.

Blue Stone’s Tribal Leadership Economic Development Planning Services Include:

  • Tribal Economy Building
  • Economic Development Legal and Governance Structure: Separation of Business from Government with Constant Communication and Clear Procedures
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Opportunities and Constraints Assessment and Planning
  • Financial Reporting and Structure to Promote Accountability
  • Land Use Planning On and Off Reservation
  • Priority Alignment


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