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Investment Due Diligence

Ensures that potential investments meet your tribe’s needs and goals

It is critical that tribes perform extensive due diligence before investing in any property, investment vehicle or business. Having worked exclusively with Indian Country for a decade, we know firsthand how important it is to analyze all parts of an investment or partnership as your tribe builds the correct framework for the business environment.

A comprehensive investment due diligence process is important to long-term success. Each investment should undergo a thorough review and risk assessment to ensure a tribe, or an economic development authority on behalf of the tribe, is adequately protected. If potential downsides and upsides are not identified, the sustainability and success of your investment may be put at great risk.

Some questions that every tribe should ask itself when it comes to its investments:

  • Why are you investing?
  • What is your goal for investing in this particular offering?
  • What is the quality of the investment compared to its cost?
  • What is your Nation’s capacity to withstand a loss, should it occur?
  • What is your investing time frame?
  • What are your current income needs and what will they be in the future?
  • What tax issues will arise as a result of this investment?

Once we complete due diligence of your potential investment, and study the scope of your investment, we will work with you to build a strategic asset allocation plan to meet your tolerance for risk.

Blue Stone’s Investment Due Diligence Services Include:

  • Review and Recommendations of Corporate Records
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Financial Forecasting and ROI Review and Development
  • Employee Review
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Regulatory Process Review
  • Opportunity Research


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