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Convenience Store Profitability Assessment

Travel center and smoke shop profitability and assessment helps increase store profits

The more profitable a tribe’s businesses, including its fuel and travel centers, the more stable its economy. Blue Stone has a decade of experience in conducting these assessments. Using best practices as a benchmark, our team will help determine how to make sure a tribe’s gas stations and convenience stores run as efficiently and profitably as possible. We assess all of your operations from fuel and vendor contracts to fuel pricing strategy, to point-of-sales system, to training your staff to improve customer service and assess cross-marketing opportunities that may be available with other tribal enterprises. Our systems have been created to safeguard convenience store profitability by increasing revenue while decreasing a business’ costs. This has meant the difference between success and failure for many of the tribes we have worked with.

Blue Stone’s Convenience Store Profitability and Assessment Services Include:

  • Inside Store Sales by Category
  • Product Mix and Vendor Selection
  • Labor Costs
  • Systems and Controls (Inventory and Fuel Theft)
  • Equipment / Technology / Upgrades
  • Image Evaluation
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Tank Storage Capacity
  • Branded vs. Unbranded Fuel
  • Supply Points in the Area
  • Fuel Supplier Contract Evaluation
  • Fuel Margins and Pricing Strategy
  • Cross Promotional Opportunities (Casino Player Point Redemption)
  • Additional offerings – QSR or Car Wash
  • Tax Advantages and Implications
  • Financial Projections and ROI (Including Gallons Sold and Inside Store Sales)


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