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Travel Center Feasibility and Start Up

Forecasts future profitability

Opening a travel center on tribal lands usually makes a lot of sense. Travel center success has been time tested in many locations and there are often tribal tax advantages that, when properly leveraged, generate great revenues.The addition of jobs to your community and convenience of grocery shopping and gas fill ups for tribal members are also considerations. Yet, every situation is unique. When we work with tribes we carefully look at the specifics of your situation to determine how to generate more profit and create efficiencies. A Blue Stone Feasibility Study will reveal the information to help you find the answers to important questions; the final decision based on solid, unbiased financial facts to ensure store profitability and tax revenue to your tribe.

Blue Stone subject matter experts have been working with tribes to develop travel centers since 1998 and have developed some of the most successful tribal travel centers in the country. The secret is our ability to help you leverage the “BIG 5” tribal travel center advantages: gasoline tax advantage, diesel tax advantage, tobacco tax advantage, sales tax advantage and integrated casino loyalty programs. We properly design your development in an effort to maximize these advantages and tribal tax revenues.

Blue Stone’s Travel Center Feasibility and Start-up Services Include:

  • Feasibility Planning
  • Budget Forecasting
  • Site Selection
  • Construction Oversight
  • Employee Training and Motivation
  • Store Policies and Procedures Development
  • Efficient and Effective Organization Structure Execution
  • Management Recruitment
  • Wholesale Vendor Selection and Negotiations
  • Comprehensive Management Audits
  • Advertising and Promotions Best Practices
  • Business and Strategic Planning
  • Financial and Accounting Controls
  • Inventory Control Systems
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Fuel Pricing Strategy (Branded and Unbranded)
  • Purchasing and Pricing Best Practices
  • Vendor Analysis, Pricing, Consolidation and Negotiation
  • Store Layout


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