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Business Feasibility Assessments

Helps tribes determine if a new business is a good idea

Is your tribe looking to develop one or more businesses? Are you certain these are the right businesses or projects to begin today? Blue Stone’s Business Feasibility Assessment Services include analysis of your proposed business and its competitors. We’ll also take a look at prospective costs as they pertain to the budget you’ve set for the project. If costs exceed budget, we can recommend additional financial resources to help fund the project.

What makes sense for one tribe may not make sense for another. Blue Stone’s team members’ extensive experience evaluating business opportunities ensures that each assessment is tailored to your Nation’s needs and priorities. This analysis will provide you with a high-level overview of your business idea as well as a bank-ready feasibility assessment that has enough objectivity and detail that you could submit it to a lending institution when seeking financing for your project.

Blue Stone’s Business Feasibility Services Include:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Economic Viability Study
  • Cost Analysis
  • Staffing Assessment
  • Risk and Benefits Analysis
  • Investment Due Diligence
  • Resource Recommendations
  • High-Level Feasibility Assessment
  • Bank Ready Feasibility Assessment


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