Merry Mason


Merry Manson is a member of the Navajo Nation, born for the Rock Gap People. She grew up in Kayenta, Arizona in the heart of the Navajo Nation. Following her time in St. Louis for graduate school, she returned to Arizona to work with tribal communities.

With a diverse training background, Manson is prepared to work with tribal communities achieve their goals. Her experience in program planning and communication allow her to help tribal organizations and governments define, implement and accomplish their objectives. Additionally, she is skilled in data analysis and translating that information to be easily understood and useful.

Prior to joining Blue Stone, Manson gained experience in healthcare systems, tribal health policy, and urban health outreach. During her summer at the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, she created policy briefs and worked with Affordable Care Act outreach for tribal communities in the Southwest. She is also a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow, which provided her opportunities to work with young leaders in the United States and countries in Europe to address human rights issues.

Manson graduated with a Bachelor of Science in American Indian Studies and a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Anthropology and Family and Child Development from Arizona State University. Her honors thesis focused on youth empowerment in Indian Country through sovereignty revitalization. After her time at Arizona State University, she attended Washington University in St. Louis where she pursued a Masters of Business Administration in Strategy and a Masters of Public Health in Health Policy Analysis.