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John Mooers



As the President of Blue Stone, John Mooers has been responsible for leading over 400 projects in effective strategic planning and economic development for Tribal nations across the country. Additionally, Mooers has been involved with numerous business assessments for Tribal clients in a wide variety of industries, both on and off the reservations and tribal territories.

With more than 25 years of experience as a senior business strategist, Mooers’ expertise in developing growth strategies for tribal nations has helped their companies and organizations to capitalize on opportunities and recognize their exponential value through operational efficiency and due diligence assessments.

Prior to his work with Blue Stone, Mooers’ career has spanned more than 30 years. including involvement in the groundbreaking development and launch of both Microsoft Windows 95 and the Microsoft Network. He has also been involved in developing strategies for Sun Microsystems, Oracle and a number of middle-market and other emerging growth companies.

Mooers’ experience in business models and structuring on behalf of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and investment banking clients provides great value and expertise to tribal nations looking to diversify their revenue streams or improve the performance of existing tribal enterprises. He also has experience in contract negotiations and deal structuring and has been instrumental in helping clients clearly understand all of their options.

Through his experience in developing alliances and strategic partnerships, Mooers is able to advise tribal clients on developing win-win relationships that create long-term, sustainable returns and benefits to the tribe.

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